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796 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Fri, Sat, Sun: 10am - Dark
Closed Monday-Thursday
Opens Friday after Thanksgiving

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Fraser Fir Needles Fraser Firs Douglas Firs
White Pine Needles
Concolor Fir Needles
White Spruce
Serbian Spruce White Pine
Fraser Fir Cones Douglas Fir Needles
Blue Spruce Needles
New Trees
Pre-cut Concolor Firs Concolor Fir Click here for tree descriptions

The Braun family have lived and farmed in this area for over 170 years. In that time, we have grown corn, wheat, soybeans, apples, peaches, pumpkins and cucumbers. In 1986, we moved from our family homestead on Whitmore Lake Road to the present address here on Warren Road. In the spring of 1988 we planted 30,000 evergreen seedlings and in 1996, we realized our first full harvest of 6'-8' Christmas Trees! In the intervening years we have replanted and added new fields. We now have several varieties of coniferous trees, at different growth stages, covering over 50 acres.

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   High Quality Trees Prices
Douglas Fir (our best seller!) $8/ft
Fraser/Balsam/Canaan Fir (the most trendy) $8/ft
Concolor Fir (the new "must have") $8/ft
Colorado Blue Spruce (the only natural blue-tinted tree) $6/ft
White Spruce (best ornament holder) $6/ft
Serbian Spruce (darker version of White Spruce) $6/ft
White Pine (Michigan's State Tree) $25/tree

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   The Total Experience

When you get a Christmas Tree from Braun's Tree Farm, you do much more than simply buy a Christmas Tree - you take part in the entire festive holiday harvest! We supply all you need to identify the right species, cut your favorite tree and haul it back to the shop on our wheeled carts. Once there, we will shake it (to remove loose needles) and bale it with plastic twine for easy transport to your home. We encourage you to take your time while hunting for your favorite tree. Please feel free to wander our 50 acres of trees, but please be careful as the land is uneven and there are a few stumps buried under the snow. Bring the whole family - great Christmas photo opportunity - and we are very dog-friendly!

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   Pre-cut trees

We think you will enjoy hunting and harvesting your own tree, however for your convenience we also have pre-cut Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir from 7 ft. to 10 ft. tall. These are the highest quality Snow Fresh or USDA #1 pre-cut Christmas trees available.

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   Wreaths & Garland

We have a large supply of beautiful, highest quality Holiday wreaths and garland to choose from. Each is made with premium materials, hand-wrapped and hand-crafted. Some are traditional and some have decorations.

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   Tree Stands

8' Christmas Tree Stand

This stand supports a tree 8-9 feet tall. Has a 1.2 gallon water capacity and weighs 20 pounds
10' Christmas Tree Stand

This stand supports a tree 10-12 feet tall. Has a 2.25 gallon water capacity and weighs 30 pounds
12' Christmas Tree Stand

This stand supports a tree 13-20 feet tall. Has a 4 gallon water capacity and weighs 66 pounds. *This stand requires some assembly.

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   Care for your tree

When you get your new tree home, it is extremely important to cut approximately 1/2" off the base of the trunk, as the fresh-cut tree will sap over and not take water. Place your tree in a stand with water and NEVER let the pan go dry. We recommend using one of several natural tree preservatives available here at our store. We also sell many handy and high-quality Christmas tree accessories, such as stands, watering funnels, removal bags and wreaths.

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   Driving directions

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Questions? Comments? Please email us at

796 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Fri, Sat, Sun: 10am - Dark
Closed Monday-Thursday
Opens Friday after Thanksgiving